Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally I am blogging again! Spring and summer seemed to have come all at once, and I couldn't be more glad of it! I have been outside every chance I have had, Emma too, we are loving the green grass. It is so fun to see your child experience the world for the first time. I know that sounds like what everyone says, but it is really fun to see. This is a picture of Emma outside Grandma and Grandpa Silletto's house. I will try to keep you better updated in the future.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cozy Creature Cover

So here is my new best seller! These little guys protect your phone, mp3 player, or even your little digital cameras. They are happy little guys that keep your electronics safe! I enjoy making these guys, and use them myself. They are made of fleece, with a little bit of felt for the face. So if you need a gift idea or want to keep your electronics safe, check out my little shop! Enjoy the warm weather!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I would like to feature a beautiful jewelry shop! Shop Clementine has a great selection of earrings, necklaces, and rings! I am in love with the entire place. She has amazing photos and I just love her style. If you want a special gift for someone, or have an event you need new jewelry for, this is the place to go. You can check her out on, do it and you will be happy!! Enjoy your spring!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So yes I am plugging my shop yet needs a new pair of shoes!  I marked all of my scarves down at least 40%!  So check it out, I love them, but they gotta go!  I am just tired of the look of winter.  Spring is directly around the corner and I want to welcome it with open arms...and neck.  So I don't really need scarves for that.  I know they will be a necessity again next winter.  So buy them now save them and it will be a little surprise for the start of next winter!  Ok so I am done, hope you are having a wonderful spring day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Poor Guster

Our siamese cat Guster is very neurotic.  When we first set up the nursery and kicked him out of that room he started pulling out his fur.  After Emma was born his tail was almost bald.  After this last vacation we came home and his back is now bald too.  Poor cat, I am not sure what to do!  But this whole blog doesn't have to be about a cat, how lame would that be...hmmm?  It was so nice here today, it was 40ยบ and the snow was melting.  Pretty soon I will be back outside and I cannot wait!  The gallery is fairly slow right now, but we are going to have a new show coming up.  Kelly Thompson is next and I can't wait to see his work.  Ok that is all I got!  Have a great day!

Jak Random Art and Design

Today I am going to talk about a great shop I have found on Etsy!  Jak random art and design.  The jewelry with found imagery is fantastic.  The bracelet featured was made from recycled, items, including vinyl records.  The title is bicycle built for two, it runs for $15.00.  I am in love with this bracelet.  This shop has great variety of bracelets, also some great prints.  If you need an original gift, or just love funky jewelry you need out check out this shop!  Go to, you will love what you find! 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Becka Boo

The first Etsy artist that I would like to feature is Becka Boo.  She has great baby onesies, baby  bibs, monster cards, and personalized baby and parent t-shirts!  I think she is a great talent and has a wonderfully colorful shop.  I am going to focus on her very original idea of tatto t-shirts personalized for parent and baby, very clever right?  The nice thing she does is allow you to put it on your own tee, so you can just order the transfer!  I say if you need baby gifts, or just love looking at a fun shop, check out!